Jason Puckett

March 8, 2016

Mobile Ad Testing - [Case Study] How Sungevity Increased Mobile Conversion Rate by 43%

AdBasis Sungevity

Client: Sungevity
Agency on Record: 3Q Digital
Mobile Ad Copy + Landing Page Test

The premise for this experiment is an interesting one. The question Sungevity asks is, "If we speak to our great mobile experience in our ad copy, will we improve CTR and Conversion Rate?" Implementing this experiment via mobile when the client sells such a high-involvement purchase (solar energy systems) was somewhat unchartered territory. Letting users know that they could gather more pricing information via mobile helped to break down the mental barriers and improved mobile conversion rates drastically.

Sungevity didn’t stop there, they decided to also test the landing page for this scenario in the same AdBasis experiment. Sungevity needed to compare mobile conversion rates for both “Sungevity.com” and “Sungevity.com/Save”. So not only were they optimizing ad content, but Sungevity simultaneously found the optimal combination of ad content + landing page for this specific set of mobile ad groups.

Sungevity Creatives


  • +10% CTR and +43% in Conversion Rate
  • Number of ad groups involved: 3,103
  • Number of variations: 12,412 (using AdBasis custom parameters for dynamic content insertion by ad group)
  • What did they test? 2x Description 2’s and 2x Landing Pages

Sungevity Results

Sample Size:

Ad Copy change lifted CTR by 10% and conversion rate by 43% as a whole across 3,103 ad groups.

The Landing page “Sungevity.com/Save” improved conversion rate by 4.63% as a whole across the 3,103 ad groups.

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