Raptive (AdThrive) Onboarding Process – 5 Steps

When applying to Raptive (fka AdThrive), there is an onboarding process where the company will ask you basic details about your site.

Then you’ll submit a read-only Google Analytics report showing your traffic by submitting your Gmail account and choosing the web property.

It’ll automatically read how much traffic you’ve had in the past 30 days as well as the percentage of traffic from “acceptable countries” (the US, and usually the UK, Canada, and Australia).

Then you’ll get a “Thank You for Applying” message with the following details and what happens next:


Now that your application is submitted, our team will manually review your site and gather initial approval from our ad partners.

Depending on the length of our waiting list, this can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks. Once we have the green light to move forward, we’ll get in touch and schedule your site for a more detailed analysis.

If our ad partners decline to move forward with your site, we’ll let you know. You can expect to hear back from us either way!


Once approved, we’ll gather key information on your site so we can create a custom ad layout for you based on your goals.

We’ll dive into your site’s analytics, reader demographics, and more.

If you’re currently running ads on your site, we’ll do an in-depth analysis of how your ads are performing and how we can improve ad performance moving forward.


The information we gather drives the unique ad layout we design for you. We want to make this easy, so we’ll do all the work here!

We’ll send over the results of our analysis and the ad layout we recommend to maximize long-term ad earnings for your site.

You’ll have the opportunity to confirm our analysis and strategy before moving any further.


After you’ve approved the plan, we’ll schedule an installation date.

If you need to give notice to your current ad provider, we’ll work with you to minimize the risk of having any downtime with the ads on your site.

On the installation day, we’ll remove your old ads and get your new ads in place.

In most cases, this process will be completely hands off for you!


Once your new ad layout is set up, we’ll monitor things on an ongoing basis (and you can as well in the Raptive creator dashboard) to optimize performance, bring in new advertising partners, and suggest changes along the way to keep your ad layout thriving for the long run.


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