SEO Case Study: Month #1 (October 2022)

This SEO case study was started on October 2, 2022.

It was built off an aged domain acquired from Odys Global.

The first month, about 270 posts were added, generating 5,755 page views and 5,129 sessions. 

October 2022 Stats


SEO Strategy for this Project

The strategy is targeting lower-competition keywords that the site can realistically rank for:

  • targeting a head term and
  • then tackling most of the variations of the keyword (for H2 and H3 headings)

SEO Principles

Basic SEO principles for this project:

  • Use keyword in URL
  • Add keywords through H2 and H3
  • Short intros that use intended keyword(s) right away
  • Answer the question/query right away
  • Optimize for Google snippet (~50-word chunks that satisfy the query)
  • Short paragraphs (1-2 sentences each)
  • Add FAQs and Conclusion section to most posts that add value
  • Add YouTube videos in content that use keyword, use title as H3 or H4 tag
  • Add header image + unique images to help break up content with alt tags containing keyword
  • Internal link to other posts (include related content at the end, if necessary)
  • Most posts around 1,000-1,500 words, with variations around that (500-3,000+)

What to Focus On

Highest-value articles are those related to a certain audience

  • Focus on getting US traffic due to high ad RPMs
  • Focus on underserved topics (e.g., SERPs dominated by Quora, Reddit, forums)
  • Content should be easy to produce so you can do higher volume
  • Evergreen content
  • Publish frequently (it’s a game of probabilities)


  • 80%+ ads
  • Get on a premium ad network like MediaVine or AdThrive


  • Add 250+ pieces of content each month
  • Average ~300 page views per month per article
  • No link building, focus on content
  • Writing all the content myself until it starts generating revenue


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